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The Bosa Centre is a building buzzing with artistic aspirations. Each day, hundreds of students from various departments, ages and cultural backgrounds tirelessly move through the space hoping to grow as artists. Within each student also lies a personal wonder that holds a great potential for inspiration to others. So, it’s a real shame the individuals of this large bustling building don’t really talk to each other. Well, anyone outside their strictly designated department or year, that is. But what if we did?


What experience could be passed down from the fourth to first year student? What optimism and excitement for the practice could be returned? How inspiring could the care of a costumer's craft be to an animator's act of bringing their wardrobe to life? How could the engagement with indigenous filmmakers help strengthen community relationships, gratitude for the space we inhabit and reverence for the power of story?


Persistence of Vision (POV) is a journal that aims to nurture this creative exploration and encourage inspiration to flourish. Being a part of POV means being a part of a collective who cares about independent arts and the necessity of community in landscapes dominated by major media corporations. Foundationally, this journal exists to be a platform for Capilano artists to meaningfully engage with each other. We aim to do this through the continuous exploration of ourselves and our relationship to media arts. Eventually, we’d love to see POV become a journal that engages and challenges the Vancouver Independent art scene as a whole.


So, does building a community that aims to grow through the courage of individuality sound like something you’d like to engage with? Does participating in discourse that seeks to gain perspective outside constraining industry ideas of art get you going? Has something in your craft created a beautiful shift in your reality that you’d love to share with others? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, or simply made it to the end of this piece, you may be in the right spot.

Here's a few ways you can start engaging:

  1. Share this with friends. Community begins with you.

  2. Drop by anytime during our weekly meetings, Wednesdays 11:30 3.1:30 in BC117.

  3. Reach across the Capilano Campus, speak out, challenge our space and resources

  4. Start reading our bi-weekly journal. You’ll find it in your email box or on a nice QR code coming to a wall near you.

  5. Engage in discussions, challenge your thoughts, and share your opinions. Work together to widen perspectives.


I encourage all readers to reflect on what their fundamental connection with the abstraction of creativity is and what fruits they look to bear through the act of expression. It’s hard work to connect with such a deep layer of self, especially in industry focused spaces that structure themselves around the inherent values of efficiency, and profit. Take the time to allow introspection now, and if you’d like, come join us as we try to walk a similar path. Here’s to a blossoming, cohesive and unabashedly creative future at Capilano, here’s to the Persistence of Vision.




Sara Brinkac

Editor In-Chief

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