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P.O.V.'s Statement of Values

Sara Brinkac

Jul 3, 2023

The Persistence of Vision Persists With a Vision.

Persistence of Vision (P.O.V) is in its sixth issue now. Wow. Big stuff for what started as a little idea. With film nights off the ground, our own production in the works, and a community board that aims to be Vancouver wide, we’ve been dreaming up some pretty ambitious goals for ourselves these last four months. Reflecting, I couldn’t be more proud of the state we’re in. I started this whole project in January with the idea of a bi-weekly email sent to MOPA students and, instead,  found myself in the middle of a community of passionate artists flowering with creativity and kindness. Looking around at the members of POV, the camaraderie, the excitement, the consistent support and the care that has been shared by everyone, lightens my heart. I am truly humbled by the sight. 

When I began POV I had some values that were driving me. Chiefly, those values being the importance of community and discovery of self. Now that we’ve chugged along at what seems like an exponential rate of growth I believe the nature of POV has to be re-addressed. There are many more people involved in this family, all with different perspectives over what being part of POV means to them. I feel if we wish to move forward as a collective, it is crucial we collectively determine our direction and what we wish to nurture. So, with that said I reached out to many POV members and gained some lovely insights on what they see in P.O.V, where they see it going and what they would say to future generations that may take on the project. It was a wonderful practice to open this dialogue and I hope what is written here reflects the nature of POV for all.

The core values that drive the Persistence of Vision:

Solidarity – Above all, we care deeply about building a community rooted in the discovery and celebration of true individual thought / expression. But more than community we want to be united in the solidarity of cause. To always avoid the status quo. To dissolve ideas of elitism. To prioritize human experience. 

Audacity – Realize the power in the unapologetic act of risk in creation. Free all from the guilt of expectation and dare to create. Make a friend of failure and relish in the courage of action.

Timelessness – Rise above the waves of modern influence. Put aside opinion and consistently challenge prejudice. Understand that we fall into the patterns of our time, seek to observe them, undo them and create objectively with them.

There you have it. The values that make these wheels turn. With the pace of life quickening and the division of our attention being spread increasingly thin it is incredibly difficult to ground yourself. The ability to lay your roots in reality, to breathe at the pace of nature, and to dedicate yourself to a goal project or purposeful activity with full unapologetic attention, is truly powerful. But to let words speak over images for once – I think the sentiment of P.O.V is best encapsulated by our cover designer and Co-Design Editor Jacob Brundrett.

“In its essence, Persistence of Vision is driven by aesthetics.The principles that concern POV are not what new shall be established, but rather what old must be reconsidered, rehashed and remade. That is to say POV drives the future by the past. Whether it be 90s visual motifs or pulling inspiration and contemplations from centuries old spiritual and religious texts. These references are not purely art, just as POV is not restricted to the study of art. Rather, POV implores artists to see life through an artistic lens. After all what is art for art’s sake? The beauty of artistry is its introspection of life as an experience. At its fundamentals Persistence Of Vision Journal is just that, the persistence of vision. The continuance of a collective artists’ vision. A vision that transcends the linearity of time. This vision only perpetuates itself through the synergy of old and new. After all, how can we allow a vision to persist without first recognizing and utilizing the very vision we hope to continue?”

And there you have it. See you all somewhere down the (non-linear) line sharing in projects alive with a persistent spirit. 

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